In June we celebrate the international Pride month, which highlights the rights of sexual and gender minorities in various ways. Sanoma develops diversity and inclusion (DE&I) through various initiatives. In Finland, Helsingin Sanomat is the main partner of Helsinki Pride and events for the rainbow community are visible in Sanoma´s media.

Rainbow flags are currently flying on the roof of the Sanomatalo. Work to promote equality continues throughout the year.

The biggest Pride event in Finland is Helsinki Pride, which takes place in the last week of June, with Helsingin Sanomat as one of the main partners again this year. As part of the collaboration, Helsingin Sanomat will provide media space for Helsinki Pride's advertising content. The week of events will culminate on Saturday 1 July with a parade in which Sanoma staff will take part in their own truck.  

Minority-related equality glossary aims to create understanding

Media Finlands sustainability network is currently compiling an equality glossary on gender and sexual minorities for use by editors and other staff. The aim is to raise awareness of minority-related terminology and increase awareness and understanding of diversity both within Sanoma and in the surrounding society.

To develop diversity and inclusion, a staff survey and unconscious bias training 

In honour of Pride month, rainbow flags are once again flying on the roof of Sanomatalo. Sanoma's social media channels also changed their rainbow logos. However, work to promote equality is done all year round. Last December, Sanoma employees were invited to participate in a diversity and inclusion (DE&I) survey, to which more than 2,000 Sanoma employees, or over 35% of the workforce, responded.  

"It is important for us to be able to monitor the results of our diversity and inclusion work and to make an impact in terms of development. The survey shows that our people feel that they can be their true selves at work, and that our working culture welcomes and values people of all backgrounds. At the same time, we identified areas for improvement, such as greater attention and support for minorities, support for our leaders in promoting inclusion and raising awareness to ensure fair and equitable practices," says Kaisa Uurasmaa, Sanoma's Director of Corporate Responsibility. 

Based on the survey, Sanoma developed an DE&I development plan, which is currently being put into practice. Training has been provided to staff to raise awareness of unconscious biases. Through five online training sessions we also supported awareness of the importance of equality between genders, generations, LGBTQ+ minorities, people from different cultural backgrounds and people with disabilities. To also promote active leadership, a Leaders as Allies -network has been established, where internal sponsors and ambassadors have been trained.  Next, development work will focus on strengthening equality in recruitment. Sanoma Media Finland has developed a new management handbook, which contributes to the implementation of equal management practices. 

"One of Sanoma Media Finland's leadership promises, to meet people as they are, sums up our diversity, equality and inclusion goals. The topic is big, but the actions to develop can be very practical - for example, the use of non-gendered term, or unisex toilets open to all genders. We also encourage the creation of employee networks. In addition to providing peer support and sharing common experiences, networks can strengthen the voice of minorities in development work," says Hanna Johde, Director of Communications and Employee Experience at Sanoma Media Finland.

Pride month in Sanoma's media

Ilta-Sanomat follows the Pride month in its news coverage. In addition, different departments will produce in-depth stories that fit the theme.

Aamulehti follows the events of the Manse Pride week in Tampere. The week will culminate in a Pride parade on Saturday 17.6.

Sanoma's local media also report on local Pride events and the phenomena surrounding them. Valkeakoski Sanomat was also the official patron of the Valkeakoski Pride event. The theme of the event was safe media environment.

Promoting diversity and inclusion (DE&I) is part of Sanoma's Sustainability strategy. Sanoma's Diversity and Inclusion Policy defines our goals for a diverse and equal workplace, which include fair treatment, equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equal pay and a gender-neutral experience. Learn more at