Picture: Sanoma Manu Tampereelta. Samuli Pulkkinen

The printing houses of Sanomapaino in Vantaa and Tampere have received their ISO 14001 certifications. In Sanomala, the certificate was updated during the bi-annual re-audit and at Sanoma Manu, the certificate was adopted for the first time. The certification is valid until April 2025.

“We carry out long-term environmental work at Sanomapaino. The ISO 14001 certification underpins our environmental management which is audited by a third party now. Our work is guided, in addition to the certificate, by our sustainability goals. Being local, carrying out our long-standing environmental and climate work, and taking care of the well-being of our personnel, are things that we hold in very high value,” says Johanna Blom, Production Director at Sanomala Oy.

The ISO 14001 -certification is a part of the updated sustainability goals at Sanomapaino. In accordance with the goals:

The environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001

  • We follow the environmental legislation. In terms of our business management, we will combine quality with the management of environmental issues and safety into one integrated management system. We develop our state-of-the-art printing machinery with the environment in mind. We update our know-how, train our personnel and keep on top of new innovations. We are a local employer and taxpayer.

Our printed products are produced energy-efficiently with carbon-neutral electricity

  • Our production runs on carbon-neutral electricity. We are constantly developing our energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art printing machinery plays a significant role in saving energy. Last year, we already halved our energy-related Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions from our operations. Our goal is to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of heating and reserve power to zero in the coming years.

Carbon neutral by 2030 in terms of our operations and supply chain

  • A significant part of our emissions comes from our supply chain. We work with our supply partners to reduce emissions in the value chain. We have set the goal of our value chain being completely carbon neutral by 2030.

Printing papers originate from certified pulp fibre

  • The pulp fibre we use in our production comes from certified pulp fibre. The certification ensures that the paper is produced in accordance with sustainable forestry management practices.

All materials are recycled or reused

  • We recycle or reuse all papers, printing plates and printing colours. We minimise the consumption of materials, measure the amount of waste generated and prevent it. We actively promote the recovery of materials to be reused. For example, the aluminium printing plates are a raw material that can be recycled for industrial use. Our recycling and reuse rate both stand at 100%.

Safe printing colours

  • Raw materials that are safe both for the employees and the environment are used as production materials.

Working together with responsible partners

  • We work collaboratively across our value chain to maximise our positive impacts and minimise our environmental impact. As signatories of the world’s largest sustainability initiative (UN’s Global Compact), we require our partners to commit to sustainable business practices. Sanoma’s ethical guidelines to suppliers lay out the sustainability requirements that we have for them.

As part of climate action, Sanoma switched to using renewable district heating in Sanomala in November. In future, renewable district heating by Vantaan Energia is used at the Sanomala premises. At Sanomapaino's Sanoma Manu printing facility in Tampere, renewable district heating is to be introduced at the beginning of next year, as soon as the more renewable district heating capacity becomes available.

Sanomapaino is part of Sanoma Media Finland, a subsidiary of Sanoma Group. You can find more information on the sustainability work at Sanoma Group and Sanoma Media Finland at Sanoma.com/sustainability.