Sanoma joins the Finnish energy-saving initiative, Down a degree, for the coming winter by lowering the temperature inside its offices by one degree. Energy-efficiency projects, ongoing office renewal project sand tips for employees also contribute to savings.

"We want to play our part in the exceptionally difficult energy crisis that is affecting the whole of Europe," says Juha Kauppinen, Sanoma Media Finland Chief Financial Officer.

The average room temperature in Finland offices will be lowered to around 21 degrees Celsius. The change will take place during week 42. The energy-saving measures will take into account the health and safety of the premises.

The drop in temperature will reduce the need for heating energy by 5%, and in practice, this means about 713 MWh of district heating energy, or on average more than the annual consumption of 20 medium-sized detached houses. At the same time, around 105 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions will be saved.

To date, Sanoma's largest sites in Finland have already focused on energy efficiency and have made significant investments. Thanks to energy efficiency projects during 2019-2020,  heating energy consumption has reduced by 40% and electricity consumption by 10% in Helsinki headquarters Sanomatalo. In Vantaa printing house Sanomala, heating energy consumption has fallen by 30% and electricity by 3%. Smaller measures have been taken in the other buildings, and development work is continuing in cooperation with the landlords.

Sanoma is currently also implementing a major office refurbishment project in Finland. It focuses both on improving the employee experience in the new hybrid model and on upgrading the premises to be as climate-neutral as possible.

"Both the energy saving initiatives and the refurbishment of our premises will result in emission savings in our own operations. Last year, we already cut our own emissions by 54% by switching to renewable electricity and the share of Scope 1 and 2 emissions from our own operations in Sanoma's total emissions fell to 5%. Our target for emissions from our entire supply chain is to be carbon neutral by 2030, but for our own operations we are already much closer to carbon neutrality," says Eveliina Nygren, Sanoma's Sustainability Manager.

The lighting on the ninth floor of the Sanoma headquarters in Helsinki was renovated in spring 2022. The renovated premises now have highly energy-efficient LED luminaires and, for example, the lights on the ninth floor are adjusted according to the amount of light in the surrounding space.  Elsewhere in the offices, lighting is controlled by motion sensors.
Photo: Samuli Pulkkinen / SMF

Sanoma´s five tips for employees on saving energy:

  1. More sustainable commute – get to work by bike or on foot, or use public transport.
  2. More stairs – although modern lifts use surprisingly little energy, every megawatt counts. Take the stairs instead of the lift, and as a bonus, you´ll get a little exercise.
  3. Less waste – 5,200 tonnes of waste was generated in our premises last year. Waste recycling creates emissions from transport and waste treatment and consumes energy. Minimise waste both in the office and at home.
  4. Less lighting – although the lighting in our premises is already highly automated, some of our rooms still have a light switch. Click the lights off when you leave. Remember to turn off the power to your screen too.
  5. More sustainable remote work - check out the Down a degree website for tips on saving energy at home, track your energy use, lower the temperature, shorten your showers and reduce your sauna sessions.

By lowering temperatures, Sanoma is participating in the national 'Down a degree' campaign, organised by Motiva, the national sustainable development company, the Finnish Energy Authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of the Environment, the Prime Minister's Office and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Read more about the campaign.

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