Kiosk Chain R-kioski, a part of the Sanoma Group, has been rewarded as the Franchising Chain of the Year in Finland. According to the jury of The Finnish Franchising Association, the award was granted because R-kioski chain is highly committed to training the kiosk entrepreneurs and developing the concept.

R-kioski's Ärrä-koodi service was rewarded in Retail Awards. Ärrä-koodi is a non- reusable and unique code that can be sent in an SMS or e-mail to a group or a single person. The receiver is then able to pick up a pre-defined product from R-kioski for free. Ärrä-koodi was one of the five winners because the service is, according to the jury, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

R-kiosk is part of the Sanoma Trade division of the Sanoma Group.