Inequality continues to exist in many ways in the society and in our daily lives. This why we at Sanoma acknowledge that diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) are topics that we need to pay attention to every day. Our strategic ambition is a culture where everyone is welcomed as they are.

5,000 employees across Europe form our Sanoma culture

DE&I is at the core of our Sustainability strategy, and our community at Sanoma is diverse in many aspects. At the end of 2021, we will have close to 5,400 Sanoma employees. We operate in 11 different countries, and our people come from different cultural and educational backgrounds and a variety of age groups.

“From an individual perspective, think about the feeling of being welcomed, valued and respected as you are by everyone at work. Probably many of us would say it plays a key role for our wellbeing, engagement and commitment at the workplace. That is when we can be at our best,” says Gieta Veersma, Chief Human Resources Officer for Sanoma Learning and Group.

Sanoma´s updated Diversity & Inclusion Policy sets our ambition

From an organisational perspective, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is able to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and it enhances innovation and business results. When people from diverse backgrounds, with different personalities and competences come together, the perspective broadens – increasing also the understanding of our customers and target audiences. 

Sanoma’s newly updated Diversity & Inclusion Policy sets our ambition for a diverse and inclusive workplace: for example, fair treatment and equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equal pay, and gender-neutral experience.

Get to know our Diversity & Inclusion Policy in English here.

Together we continue to develop DE&I in 2022

We  are only at the beginning of our journey on building diversity and inclusion across Sanoma. During 2022, we will roll-out specific activities around this topic throughout the organisation.

In mid-November we already had a chance to dive into the world of unconscious biases with our keynote speaker Sara Salmani, a DE&I consultant and trainer. The event was organised as part of the Share Views Week virtual event in our Learning business. Over 2,500 employees across Europe took part in the Share Views Week.