Press release May 14th 2018"We at Oikotie are constantly evaluating how the recruitment process works and working out innovative ways to improve it. Now we are the first to introduce Virtual Tours to online job advertisements in Finland", says Joonas Pihlajamaa, Director of Oikotie Työpaikat, Finland’s largest commercial job portal.More than half of the visitors are viewing the Oikotie job advertisements on a mobile device. Now with the help of VR glasses and a smartphone, job advertisements published by Elisa on Oikotie (e.g. enable virtually entering the premises of Elisa and getting a realistic 360 degree VR experience. The virtual presentation also works well in a browser: With 3D technology, you can move around in the direction you want and retrieve information about interesting objects."At Elisa we work at the forefront of digitalisation and we were immediately interested when Oikotie offered the opportunity to get involved in the virtual tour presentation. We believe that the announcement will attract a lot of interest, "says Juho Toivola, VP, Strategic Resourcing at Elisa.Interactivity and the involvement of job seekers are clear trends in recruiting.Oikotie piloted a chat service, where a representative of the recruiting company responds in real time to the questions of the applicants. Games have also come to recruitment ads. For example, in Sanoma's own EarlyBird program, the applicant can use the game to his/her suitability for morning newspaper delivery work."When the competition for experts is tough, a positive and engaging application experience is becoming increasingly important for recruiters. We at Oikotie want to provide the best tools for developing the employer image and successful recruitment", says Joonas Pihlajamaa.Elisa's virtual tour presentation has been implemented in collaboration with 3D Studio Blomberg. Additional Information:Director Joonas Pihlajamaa, Oikotie Jobs, tel. +358 50 506 0665,joonas.pihlajamaa@sanoma.comOikotie is a reliable and effective marketplace that delivers best results with ease: a new home, job, or good purchases. Oikotie is involved in the great life