Margriet, the nearly 80-year-old strong women's magazine brand has always had a social aspect: what can we all do together to our society? This is well in line with the aspirations of Margriet readers, who are socially conscious and often active as volunteers.Every year four of the charities that have approached the editorial offices are highlighted in the magazine. The organisations propose possible projects and Margriet editors select the final mix of charities, keeping in mind a balanced presence. The chosen projects receive a 2-3 page advertorial created by the editors which presents the charity and provides examples on how readers can participate. In addition, part of the revenue from the magazine’s popular puzzle pages is directed to the same charity.In 2016, Margriet helped to raise awareness and collect funds for WWF, Plan Netherlands, SOS Children’s Villages and Happy Watoto Foundation, an organisation providing orphans and children from deprived families in Tanzania with both basic needs and education.