Sanoma Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, 28 October 2016 at 08:30 CET+1

Sanoma will publish its Full-Year Result for 2016 on 7 February 2017 approx. at 8:30 am Finnish time. Interim Reports and Half-Year Report will be published in 2017:

-  Interim Report January-March on 26 April 2017, approx. at 8:30
-  Half-Year Financial Report (January-June) on 25 July 2017, approx. at 8:30
-  Interim Report January-September on 25 October 2017, approx. at 8:30

Sanoma's Financial Statements for 2016 will be published in electronic format by 27 February 2017.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for 21 March 2017 and will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

Additional information
Sanoma's Investor Relations, Anna Tuominen, tel. +358 40 584 6944


Sanoma is a front running media and learning company impacting the lives of millions every day. We provide consumers with engaging content, offer unique marketing solutions to business partners and enable teachers to excel at developing the talents of every child.

With companies operating in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Sweden, our net sales totalled EUR 1.7 billion and we employed over 6,000 professionals in 2015. The Sanoma shares are listed in Nasdaq Helsinki.