In March 2016, Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat started news for children section in the print paper and a dedicated section in its online version. Now the TV channel Nelonen has started to broadcast the news as well.’Lasten uutiset’ (Children’s news) segment is targeted to kids aged from 6 to 12. They discuss the events of the world, including hard subjects such as terrorism. The topics are chosen with children in mind, and children are participating in the editorial work.“We believe that media literacy has a big impact on children’s civic capabilities and in building their view of the world. With our special news segment, we want to support their media literacy skills,” explains Päivi Anttikoski, Editor-in-Chief of Helsingin Sanomat."There was a clear need for Lasten uutiset. Children contact us directly, and in addition, we have received good feedback from parent and teachers,” Anttikoski adds. “For example our story on explaining Brexit was praised for its clarity also by adult readers,” tells Producer of Lasten uutiset Fanny Fröman.Lasten uutiset is a segment in the Friday newspaper and the TV version can be seen in HSTV on Friday and on Nelonen on Sunday mornings. Daily news are offered online in