Bingel, Sanoma Learning’s gamified learning platform for primary education that was developed by VAN IN, is getting ready to enter new markets.
Bingel is an online exercise platform that helps to improve learning outcomes. The platform gives teachers extra tools that make it easier to monitor pupils’ individual progress. Pupils are able to discover motivational sequel stories and new worlds. Exercises are varied and levels are adjusted automatically, further stimulating children to practise.
VAN IN and YDP, two Sanoma Learning companies, have just collaborated on internationalising Bingel. An English demo is available for partners and customers, making it easy to understand how Bingel works. Through the demo, potential customers will gain insight into personalisation and gamification mechanics, adaptability, Bingel’s look and feel, and the way Bingel can facilitate them in offering a digital learning solutions in their schools.
Originally launched in Flanders, Bingel already crossed borders to Sanoma Utbildning in Sweden and Sanoma Pro in Finland.

Sanoma Pro launched the platform as a pilot for a.o. third-grade maths users. The pilot has been highly successful with over 10,000 registered users and excellent customer feedback. The next step for Sanoma Pro is a full commercial launch in August 2016.

Bingel is now also part of YDP’s product portfolio for strategic markets all over the globe.