Young Digital Planet, a subsidiary of Sanoma Learning, is one of the winners of the 25th edition of the European Medal competition.

Young Digital Planet received the prize for its product Auditory Attention, an innovative system that facilitates therapists in their work to provide children with various hearing and speaking disabilities, including dyslexia, a better diagnosis and as a result, an auditory attention training program that improves their comfort.

Auditory Attention is the only product on the market that enables children to continue their therapy at home and is based on methods invented by Professor Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor who specialised in disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat region and related areas of the head and neck, and created the Tomatis Audio Therapy Method.

The European Medal is a non-profit initiative organised nationwide in Poland by the Business Centre Club and is connected to the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The objective of this initiative is to promote product solutions developed by local companies in Poland that adhere to European standards. The winning solutions must satisfy certain requirements, including the business dynamics of a company, for example: economic and social aspects, as well as awards and certifications received so far.

Young Digital Planet’s Auditory Attention provides a set of tools consisting of multimedia hard- and software that enables effective therapy in accordance with the methods of Professor Tomatis.

“In order to develop our Auditory Attention solution, we worked closely with first-class sound engineers to create professional equipment, such as an electronic ear and a mobile audio interface certified by Apple. The result of this is an advanced application that manages the entire process of diagnosis and auditory attention therapy and is able to process sounds in real time. We received a medical device certification, which is a result of several months of safety and compatibility testing, conducted in laboratories both in Poland and abroad. This prize is another independent recognition of the quality of Auditory Attention,” says Joanna Elmanowska, Special Educational Needs Product Line Director at YDP.

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