Millions of viewers for ‘Vain elämää’ on TV and online

The Finnish version of the Dutch TV format ‘De beste zangers van Nederland', in Finnish ‘Vain elämää’, hit a new record with its first episode on 19 September showcasing the iconic Finnish artist Vesa-Matti Loiri. This episode is the all-time most viewed programme of the Nelonen channel (age group 10+). It had an average of 1, 115, 000 viewers (including recorded viewing). With reruns the episode was seen by more than 2,2 million Finns.

The second episode again reached a huge audience of more than a million Finns. The average amount of viewers was 967, 000. In the Ruutu VOD service the second episode has so far been viewed nearly 180, 000 times, and the first episode already 350, 000 times.

The success of the third episode shows the programme remains very populare, both on broadcast TV and online. The episode reached nearly 1,4 million viewers.

Along with the ‘Vain elämää’ show, the online services of Nelonen Media have, for the first time, reached one million unique weekly visitors. Ruutu and  set great new records.

'Vain elämää' episodes available for pre-watching in Ruutu+

Subscriptions to the pay-TV service Ruutu+ are growing as well. The Nelonen channel shows the upcoming episodes of ‘Vain elämää’ in advance, one episode at the time. A new episode becomes available on Ruutu+ every Friday, right after it has been aired on TV.