Sanoma Corporation, Press Release, 8 April 2014 at 16:45 CET+1Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading learning companies, today announced that it will make their media rich eBooks accessible through mobile devices that use the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. As a first step in the collaboration, Sanoma, Nokia and Microsoft will develop a comprehensive digital learning package for the next school year to high school students in Finland including a Nokia tablet, Sanoma’s eBooks and Microsoft software.The collaboration with Nokia and Microsoft reinforces Sanoma’s position as a provider of integrated learning solutions. Sanoma’s digital learning content and Microsoft’s tools offer students access to learning anywhere and anytime.Sanoma’s eBook learning solutions are already compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems of Apple and Google. Adding the Microsoft capabilities to the range will enable effective access to eBook learning solutions provided by Sanoma through all platforms.Additional informationSanoma’s Communications, Trudy de Jong, + 31 6 5354 9223 or trudy.dejong@sanoma.comSanoma.comGet the world. Sanoma helps people access and understand the world.We believe in a world full of opportunities, feelings, reactions and inspiration. A world that you can reach, influence, explore and share. We want to make it yours.Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company in Europe. In Finland and The Netherlands we are the market leading media company with a broad presence across multiple platforms. Our main markets in learning are Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. In 2013, Sanoma’s net sales totalled EUR 2.1 billion. Sanoma is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.