Press Release 11 June 2014Finland's most far-reaching and multi-channel media company Sanoma Media Finland is selling the magazines Glorian Antiikki, V8-Magazine, GTi-Magazine and Pelit to Fokus Media Finland, which focuses on special interest magazines. Sanoma will concentrate its magazine business on content directed at women, families and the 55+ target group and selected theme areas. The divestment of four special interest magazines is part of the strategy of Magazine Media, which is responsible for Sanoma Media Finland's magazine business. It will focus on serving Finnish women, families and the 55+ target group through multi-channel media content and services. The company develops its magazine portfolio through content and service packages built around selected theme areas, the first ones of which to enter the market were services related to food, such as Soppa365, which has a strong emphasis on social media. The first new launch of the well-being theme area, ET Terveys magazine, will be published next week, on 18 June.Glorian Antiikki, V8-Magazine, GTi-Magazine and Pelit will be transferred to Fokus Media Finland on 1 September. Fokus Media is a recently established media company publishing target group magazines. Its architects are long-term media professionals Tapani Pitzen and Markku Hurmerinta, who have previously also worked at Sanoma, and Johanna Mikkonen and Esko Kontio. Thirteen people will transfer from Sanoma Media Finland to work for Fokus Media. Among them are the editors-in-chiefs Maija Toppila, Jarmo Markkanen and Tuija Lindén."Our growth strategy is based on three strong core target groups and theme areas, where we have particularly strong content and industry expertise. The renewal of our portfolio requires intensive investments, due to which we will divesting products that are not included in our core business. Four of our high-quality magazines valued by their readers will receive a committed owner in Fokus Media, which wants to develop them on a long-term basis. The agreement now signed is a good solution from the point of view of readers as well as the staff", says Kaisa Ala-Laurila, business director at Magazine Media.“Our portfolio comprises of special interest magazines which have committed subscribers. The common thing for all our brands is their readers´ passion for the subject and the editorial teams who know the needs of their audience”, Tapani Pitzen says.Last year, Sanoma Media Finland sold Tietokone magazine to Talentum and discontinued Iiris, 3T and Kodinrakentaja, which had been showing a loss.Additional informationSanoma, communications director Hanna Johde, +358 40 673 8977.Fokus Media, CEO Tapani Pitzen, +358 50 387 4044