Press Release 8 October 2014Sanoma continues to invest in its television operations. The company is strengthening the commercial growth of Nelonen Media through brand development and a new type of commercial channel. The Hero channel will be launched on 10 November, and the renewed Nelonen brand will be introduced in December.       Nelonen Media has increased its share of viewing: Nelonen Media’s commercial viewing share among people aged 10–44 was 33% in January–September 2014 (31.5% in January–September 2014) and 34.7% in September 2014 (30.8% in September 2013). Sanoma strongly believes in the growth potential of television and continues to invest in Nelonen Media.“Television has proved its ability to reinvent itself and further strengthen its position in the media landscape. For Sanoma, TV operations play an important role not only in achieving our strategic goals and increasing our overall reach and media market share, but also in creating phenomena that provoke discussion at the national level. Our investments in Nelonen Media’s offering indicate our strong belief in the future of television,” says Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland.Sanoma will enhance Nelonen, its channel with the highest national reach. This means new high-quality programmes as well as a brand redesign, which will be introduced in December. In addition, a new type of channel, Hero, will be included in the Nelonen Media portfolio. The channel will be launched in November.“This new concept is the perfect addition to Nelonen Media’s range of channels. Combined with the reinforcement of Nelonen, Hero will further increase our share of Finnish viewers,” says Pia Kalsta, President, Nelonen Media.Hero offers the best prime-time series Hero will introduce an entirely new type of programme chart in Finland in response to the new ways in which consumers watch TV series and films. Hero offers viewers an opportunity to watch several episodes of series in succession on the same day or several consecutive days. After the series have been broadcast on Hero, they will be made available on the Ruutu online television service, which will offer more flexible viewing options.Hero’s programming will consist of high-quality international TV series and blockbuster films, which will be shown during prime viewing hours, between 6 p.m. and midnight. New series that will be first shown in Finland on Hero include the Emmy-winning Fargo as well as Missing, starring Ashley Judd, to name just two examples. In addition, Hero will bring familiar high-quality series to prime time, including Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, Californication and Mad Men. As a foretaste, all episodes of Fargo will be made available on the fee-based Ruutu+ service on 1 November.Hero is targeted at young adults, a demanding group of viewers who keep up with trends, lead an active life and require high-quality TV programmes. Much like its target group, Hero will have a strong social media presence.“Hero will introduce an entirely new way of watching high-quality programmes. The channel will further strengthen and diversify Nelonen Media’s portfolio. We are proud of its programmes and believe that, combined with a new type of broadcasting schedule, high-quality content will interest viewers,” says Jani Hartikainen, SVP, Television, Nelonen Media.Nelonen Media will provide further information on the content and visual image of Hero and on the Hero Crew next week.Hero will begin broadcasting on 10 November at 6 p.m.Nelonen’s new brand will be introduced in December.More information:Pia Kalsta, President, Nelonen Media, tel. +358 50 560 7831, pia.kalsta@nelonenmedia.fiJani Hartikainen, SVP, Television, Nelonen Media, tel. +358 50 461