Sanoma Corporation, Press Release, 14 April 2014 at 15:00 CET+1Today Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading learning companies, announced that it will launch a new innovation program to create innovative learning product ideas that improve learning outcomes. The Sanoma Learning Lab will bring together over 150 teachers, students, academics and Sanoma Learning employees from across Europe.Participants will receive three months of training in lean start-up methods and insight into the future trends of learning in order to develop their ideas, along with expert mentoring from top Sanoma executives. Mentors will also include other learning industry leaders and Sanoma’s extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors and executives.“We are consistently looking for new ways to support pupils and teachers in achieving great learning outcomes and are keen to use innovative approaches in developing our next generation of products and services,” said John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning.Lassi Kurkijärvi, Director of Sanoma’s Innovation Lab and responsible for the Learning Lab programme adds:  “We expect that the rich diversity of talents from teachers, students, academics and Sanoma professionals combined with the lean start-up approach of the accelerator will bring us promising concepts to test with customers".The Sanoma Learning Lab initiative begins in September, and will conclude in December in Amsterdam where the winning teams will build working prototypes of their ideas.Visit for details on the program. Applications will be accepted until August 24, 2014.The Sanoma Learning Lab will be supported by the 6 locally-based subsidiary organisations operating in 5 European countries: Van In (Belgium), Sanoma Pro (Finland), Malmberg (the Netherlands), Young Digital Planet and Nowa Era (Poland) and Sanoma Utbildning (Sweden).Additional informationSanoma’s Communications, Trudy de Jong, + 31 6 5354 9223 or trudy.dejong@sanoma.comSanoma.comGet the world. Sanoma helps people access and understand the world.We believe in a world full of opportunities, feelings, reactions and inspiration. A world that you can reach, influence, explore and share. We want to make it yours.Sanoma Learning is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company in Europe. In Finland and The Netherlands we are the market leading media company with a broad presence across multiple platforms. Our main markets in learning are Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. In 2013, Sanoma’s net sales totalled EUR 2.1 billion. Sanoma is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.