The new season is starting promising for Dutch TV-channel SBS6. So far, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays have been the best nights for the channel.

Wednesday night: drama and flower arranging
In September, the successful Dutch drama series 'Doctor Tinus' - inspired by England’s Doctor Martin – returned with weekly episodes. The first episode immediately reached more than 1.2 million viewers (aged 6 +).

On Wednesday nights SBS6 is also showcasing a bright new TV-format:'Holland’s Best Flower Stylist'. In this frivolous flower battle, fifteen people with a passion for flower arranging are challenged to make the most extraordinary creations.

Saturday night: 'Beat It' and 'Surprise Surprise'
Saturday night at SBS6 is a real family evening, starting at 8PM with the singing competition 'Beat It'. In 'Beat It' two captains, the Dutch singers Jan Smit and Gerard Joling, compete with each other in their weekly quest for singing talent. Candidates are eliminated in a very funny way.

After 1.5 hours of hilarious entertainment the night continues with the feel good show 'Surprise Surprise' in which people are surprised in often emotional ways.

Saturday nights end in a musical way with 'The Greatest Songs of ... '

Sunday night: helping you cope with life
Sundays at SBS6 are all about conflict-resolution with programmes like 'Bonje met de buren', about conflicts between neighbours, and 'Red mijn vakantie,' in which people who are on a disastrous holiday are helped turning it into a great one. Both programmes are achieving very high market shares.

In addition to the new programming this fall, SBS6 continues to score with solid pillars like daily reality show 'Utopia', news show 'Hart van Nederland 'and the popular weather forecasts by SBS6 weather man Piet Paulusma.