Press release, 27 August 2014 at 3 pmHS will be published twice per day. The new digital edition called HS Ilta provides the day's most interesting news, analyses, topics, columns, photos and video in a neatly packaged, easily usable form. The first issue will be published on 28 August.HS introduces a totally new reading package for the early evening. HS Ilta is independent of the morning edition. Every weekday, it will feature news stories and articles produced by HS journalists and correspondents specifically for the evening edition. Analyses, photojournalism and moving images will also play an important part. HS Ilta is available on weekdays from 4:30 pm on Android and iPad tablets and the most recent smartphones. It uses the same HS application as the digital editions.“HS Ilta keeps readers up to date with what has happened during the day,” says Kaius Niemi, senior editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat. Many HS readers want more focused and selected content in addition to the constant news stream online.“Helsingin Sanomat has 125 years of experience of in-depth journalism, which is increasing in demand in the digital age”, Niemi says.HS Ilta taps the opportunities of digital narrative, such as HSTV video and visuals. The evening edition offers the best news photos of the day and video weather forecasts by HS meteorologists as well as tips on upcoming events and television programmes.“Helsingin Sanomat is an international pioneer in offering high-quality content for tablets. HS Ilta further improves the service level provided for the subscribers of our digital products", Niemi says."During the summer we launched a special section which became very popular. There, our subscribers have been provided with books, magazines and food guides, for example," continues Niemi.Nearly 50% of Helsingin Sanomat subscribers also pay for digital content. HS mobile services already have more than 1.3 million weekly users of which nearly 100,000 use tablet.HS Ilta will have the same kind of full-page ad spots between the page changes as in the other HS tablet editions. This ad format functions perfectly in the HS iPad version, and can now be purchased at the same time for all HS tablet and smartphone apps. This way advertising reaches more than 120,000 readers per week through different channels.More information:Kaius Niemi, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat, tel. +358 9 122 2310 Helsingin Sanomat reaches 2.2 million Finns through different channels every week. In addition to the daily paper, Helsingin Sanomat includes the Nyt supplement, the Kuukausiliite monthly supplement,, HS Books and HSTV. Helsingin Sanomat provides unique journalism in print, on computers and on smartphones and tablets.Sanoma Media Finland is the most multichannel media company in Finland, well-known for its leading brands. We provide information, experiences and entertainment through magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet and mobile channels.Sanoma Media Finland is part of Sanoma, a European pioneer in consumer media and learning.