Press release, 21 October 2014Helsingin Sanomat, the leading newspaper in the Nordic countries, will launch HS Library on its iPad and Android applications, making around 100 e-books available for a monthly subscription fee of EUR 9.90. In addition, subscribers to the digital edition of Helsingin Sanomat will have free access to one editorial pick from the e-book library at a time. HS Library offers fiction and non-fiction: novels, mysteries, popular fiction and children’s books published few years ago. Each weekly editorial pick included in digital subscriptions to Helsingin Sanomat will be available for one month.“Readers of Helsingin Sanomat are more interested in books than other Finns on average. We want to promote e-book readership in Finland while also offering more high-quality content on tablet applications,” says Kaius Niemi, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat.The tablet applications of Helsingin Sanomat have nearly 100,000 users.“Up until now, reading e-books has been complicated. HS applications have a large number of users each day, and e-books will be more easily available on HS Library. Users can start reading e-books right away, as they are already signed in to the application. In addition, the users of tablet applications are willing to pay for digital content, which makes them a suitable audience for e-book publishers,” says Petteri Putkiranta, President, Helsingin Sanomat.Helsingin Sanomat has piloted offering e-books on its iPad application since December 2013. A total of 1.5 million pages of The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler were read in December. The Summer Reading section introduced by HS on its tablet applications proved to be highly popular. Subscribers were offered books, magazines and culinary guides in addition to the newspaper.At first, HS Library will feature nine publishers: Gummerus, Siltala, Crimetime, Atena, Myllylahti, Minerva, HS Kirjat, Sanoman Kids Media and Long Play.“For us, HS Library is an interesting new way to gain more readers for our e-books and more visibility for our authors,” says Touko Siltala, publisher of Siltala Publishing.The books on HS Library will have full-page advertising spots, offering a unique media environment for customers. Helsingin Sanomat has made an agreement on advertising with the publishers. The iPad application including HS Library will be published on Tuesday on App Store and the Android application will be available on Google Play store on Wednesday.More information:Kaius Niemi, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat, tel. +358 9 122 2310Petteri Putkiranta, President, Helsingin Sanomat, tel. +358 40 550 1551Enquiries related to the implementation of HS Library:News Editor, Data & Interactives, Helsingin Sanomat, tel. +358 40 3540 371 Helsingin Sanomat reaches 2.3 million Finns through different channels every week. In addition to the daily paper, Helsingin Sanomat includes the Nyt supplement, the Kuukausiliite monthly supplement, the HS Teema magazine,, HS Books and HS TV. Helsingin Sanomat provides unique journalism in print, on the computer and on smartphones and tablets.Sanoma Media Finland is the most multichannel media company in Finland, well-known for its leading brands. We provide information, experiences and entertainment through magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet and mobile channels.Sanoma Media Finland is part of Sanoma, a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.