Helsingin Sanomat will soon become the first newspaper in the world to start offering its customers nearly real-time information on the reach and appeal of advertising in the printed newspaper. The measuring process will be tested during the summer with the first pilot customers, and in the autumn, the service will be offered to all customers.

The number of readers per page will be measured daily by studying the behaviour of the 7,000 registered readers of the digital edition of Helsingin Sanomat. The reader statistics for the digital edition indicate how much time each reader spends on an individual page of the newspaper. The measurement data is balanced with information on the reader profile and reading habits associated with the printed newspaper and the total number of its readers. Based on this, we get a good idea of what kind of profile the readers of each page have and how long they spend on an individual page.     

Media customers are provided with a report the next day on how many people saw the advertisement. For full-page ads, the time spent on the page in question also provides information on how many stopped to read the ad or were interested in it.

“This innovation is great in that it makes print media measurable and provides customers with immediate results on the effect of advertising. The measurement data indicates how their advertising appealed to different age groups or genders. Advertisers can make use of this information immediately during their campaigns and, if necessary, adjust their campaigns to reach the goals”, says Petteri Putkiranta, President of Helsingin Sanomat. “The reader data for the digital edition also provides information on the appeal of stories with different subject areas among different target groups. This lets the media environment serve customers in a completely new manner”, Putkiranta adds. 

The measurement of the reach of the printed newspaper and the daily reporting of the results to customers will first be included in the new multichannel packages where advertisers are guaranteed a million unique contacts. 

“Advertisers need to understand the customer and know the possibilities offered by the existing range of measures. We want to produce for our media customers the best information and understanding available in the industry on the effect of advertising. With the measurement of the reach of printed media, we will be able to demonstrate the success of advertising with concrete figures. The printed newspaper combined with our multichannel media services offers effective and measurable solutions for all customer needs”, says Antti Järvinen, commercial director responsible for Sanoma Media Finland's media sales. 

Additional information:
Petteri Putkiranta, President, Helsingin Sanomat, tel. +358 40 550 1551  
Antti Järvinen, Commercial Director, Sanoma Media Finland, tel. +358 40 774 0026.

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