Launched in September 2014, the content marketing agency Head Office Finland is strengthening its multichannel expertise as customer demand shifts towards comprehensive content and marketing communications solutions.  At the same time, the company is planning to adjust its graphic design operations for customer magazines to the changing market situation.Head Office Finland is a media- and channel-independent content marketing agency that was created when Sanoma combined the expertise and resources of its international content marketing chain with Sanoma Custom Media at the beginning of September. Head Office helps companies tell their stories in memorable and successful ways.“The timing of our market entry into Finland couldn’t have been better. Companies are strongly shifting the focus of their customer communications from traditional printed customer magazines towards comprehensive multichannel content and marketing communications solutions. Such solutions represent our core expertise, and we are now strengthening the related areas in our organisation in Finland,” says Kati Sulin, CEO of Head Office Finland.Minna Husu has been appointed Director of Customer Experience at Head Office Finland as of 17 November 2014. She will be responsible for strategic planning and consultancy services related to the multichannel customer path. Husu joins Head Office from Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where she served as a team leader responsible for marketing communications, digital communications and service design expertise, ensuring that customers’ plans and measures cover the entire communication ecosystem.“Minna’s core competencies include strategies, branding, employer image development, internal communications, creative marketing communications campaigns and interaction coaching. Her long and diverse experience perfectly complements our team, enabling us to offer more added value to our customers,” says Sulin.Heidi Salminen has been appointed Branded Online Content Specialist as of 1 December 2014. She will focus on digital content marketing planning and production. Salminen previously worked as a Planner at Sanoma Digital, where she was responsible for digital campaign management in real estate advertising for the Oikotie portal and for social media activities.In response to changes in demand, Head Office Finland is planning to adjust its graphic design and production operations for printed customer magazines to the new market situation. For this reason, the company will launch statutory employee negotiations on 17 November 2014. The negotiations will affect graphic designers and artistic directors. The planned reorganisations are estimated to result in a maximum reduction of six full-time positions or the conversion of full-time positions into part-time positions.“Printed customer and stakeholder magazines continue to represent an important part of our offering, but their proportion of our business operations is decreasing, which unfortunately means that we have to launch statutory employee negotiations. The role of visual communications will remain strong in our operations, and in addition to the planned reorganisations, we intend to further develop our expertise in the design and implementation of user interfaces for digital channels as well as storytelling in video format,” says Sulin. More information:Kati Sulin, CEO, Head Office Finland, tel. +358 9 120 5092 Head Office Finland is a media- and channel-independent content marketing agency that offers the best customised solutions based on each customer’s specific needs. Its services focus on the strategic planning, production and findability of effective content. The Head Office chain is part of Sanoma. It operates in Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland.