Press release 27.11.2014Sanoma Digital – Finland will initiate co-operation negotiations concerning the eCom businesses, Keltainen Pörssi, and as of 2 December 2014. The aim is to streamline operating models and structures to improve profitability. The planned actions may lead to a maximum of nine redundancies.“Competition in eCom business is fierce, and with this cost structure we will not reach the set growth and profitability targets. We cannot fully invest in all products. Unfortunately we have to make tough choices that affect our personnel,” says Marja-Leena Tuomola, COO of Sanoma Digital – Finland.The duration of the co-operation negotiations will be decided in the first meeting. The co-operation negotiations are planned to be concluded during December.Further information:Communications Director Hanna Johde, Sanoma Media Finland, tel. +358 40 673 8977Sanoma Digital - Finland gathers together Finland's most popular online services and more than 200 digital business professionals. Sanoma Media Finland is the most multichannel media company in Finland, well-known for its leading brands. We provide information, experiences and entertainment through magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet and mobile channels, reaching nearly all Finns every day. Sanoma Media Finland is part of Sanoma, a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.