During the summer holiday, children can practice what they have learned over the past school year in a fun and educational way with the Vakantie (holiday)-apps 2013 developed by Van In. They can practice language, maths and sciences.

The app is available for iPad (minimum system requirements: iOS 6). There is a separate app for grade 1 (6 years), grade 2 (7 years), grade 3 (8 years) and grade 4 (9 years). The app is available in Dutch and is only released in the Belgian App Store. No internet connection is required for playing the app.

The app contains an extensive range of questions dedicated per grade, as well as a lot of questions for all the other grades and for adults. This way the app can be used as a family game. The game can be played alone or with one or more family members or friends. Guaranteed playful practice fun!

To log in, children use their login details for vakantiebingel.be 2013. They will find these details in the vakantiebingel.be box 2013 for their grade. Access to vakantiebingel.be costs € 9.00 per child and runs from 15 June 2013 to 30 September 2013. Vakantiebingel.be is purchased by the parents and distributed by the school.

The app includes a demo-mode with which 3 games can be played. The app is offered free of charge for users who have purchased access to vakantiebingel.be.

Every player chooses his own level. There are questions for toddlers, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 and the 3rd grade of primary school. There is a different range of questions provided for adults. The vakantie-app includes more than a 1,000 questions. Players take turns to answer one question each. They earn points by answering a question correctly. The one with the most points after 10 turns wins the game round.

You start by spinning the wheel. The number that you spin is the number of steps your pawn must take. It is also the number of points you can earn with a correct answer. The blocks you can move to, will light up. Tap the block where you want to go to. Try to end on the bonus blocks if you can. This will earn you extra points. Tap on one of the answers that you think must be correct. You will immediately see if you are right.

With the basket game, you try and catch the correct word by dragging the basket. Take note, the game starts as soon as you touch the basket. With the lobster game, you tap on the moving lobster with the correct answer. With the mazes game, you have to roll the ball to the hole with the correct answer by moving the iPad.

You will see on the scoreboard how many questions you have solved already. You can also collect medals. You use the 'Settings' button if you only want to practice one subject, or if you want to switch off the sound.

For more information on Van In’s Vakantie-apps, please contact lieven.bossuyt@vanin.be, Publisher at Van In.

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