Sanoma’s Innovation Accelerator programme aims to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship and new business within Sanoma. The third round of the programme, focusing on commerce, was run this autumn.  As a result, three new internal ventures have been established to be developed further into new, digital business.

Break and Play (video) app gives more value to commercials. It uses gamification on a second screen and engages the viewers during commercial breaks. Viewers get a notification on their mobile device a minute before the commercial break, open the app and the game starts. They play the game – and win!

Deliver (video) offers future proof digital brand engagement. It makes sure the digital ads end up in relevant and engaging content. Deliver is sentiment and contextual targeted advertising aimed to interact with the customer with digital active elements like videos, questionnaires and games.

Green Owl (video) knows what customers will buy. Checking webshops or browsing the web leaves traces, so Green Owl tracks the traces and translates them into product intents. Green Owl is a pre-targeting ad network that helps eCommerce advertisers to attract and convert consumers.  

Sanoma’s Innovation Accelerator programme will continue in 2014.