Cosmopolitan, the leading magazine for young adult women in Finland, expands its brand online and includes its readers in creating magazine content. MyCosmo, launched today for the public, is a blogazine – a magazine published online which is created together by bloggers, readers and the editors. MyCosmo provides content created jointly by the editors of the Finnish Cosmopolitan, bloggers and readers in a single, appealing package at The site stands out from other blog sites by being an edited unit, not just a blog portal. "MyCosmo is a unique way of creating the magazine and content with the readers. The Internet, blogs and social media are an integral element of young women’s daily media consumption. For example, the success of our Star Blogger competition shows how willing our readers are to be involved and to voice their thoughts. There are also those who don´t have their own blog but want to take part in content creation and be part of the community. MyCosmo makes this possible too," says Miina Lange, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. "MyCosmo will make our editors' work more interactive and faster. However, we do not want to lose the magazine experience and quality. MyCosmo combines two different worlds. At the same time, it expands our range of online advertising solutions to cover content marketing." New blogs in MyCosmo are Vilma P by Vilma Peltonen, Alexa Dagmar by Alexa Aavarinne and Julia Toivola (formerly called OCJulia) by Julia Toivola. MyCosmo will also be the new home of the popular blogs P.S. I love fashion by Linda Juhola and L.A. Madde by Marika Valdez. "In the MyCosmo team, I have included the most popular bloggers in Finland, along with rising stars. I wanted to include people who take a professional approach to blogging and for whom it is important to pursue their dreams. We can help our bloggers develop professionally by providing them with our well-known brand's backing and our journalistic know-how," says Lange. Investing in blog content has considerably increased the popularity of the Finnish Cosmopolitan website. The weekly visitor goal of MyCosmo is more than 100,000 unique visitors. The service, launched today, received more than 1,000 advance registrations. A total of 50 lucky people got to test the service earlier this week and the first feedback has been very positive. "MyCosmo is already our fourth major digital launch in a few months. We are rapidly making our media offering more multi-channel because we want to make our content an even more integral part of the daily lives of our readers. Through digital channels, our brands can be enjoyed every day, everywhere," says Anu Nissinen, acting managing director of Sanoma Magazines. MyCosmo is based on the Swedish software agency Josh Sthlm's blogazine concept, customised together with Cosmopolitan Finland's editors and the Digital Publications unit of Sanoma Magazines.   MyCosmo bloggers Alexa Aavarinne (Alexa Dagmar)Helsinki-based, 20-year-old blogger whose positive attitude, sense of style and interior decoration posts never cease to inspire new readers. Linda Juhola (P.S. I love fashion) This 24-year-old resident of Stockholm and student is one of the most popular bloggers in Finland. Her photos of the day's look and posts about daily life in Stockholm are addictive. Vilma Peltonen (Vilma P.)A 23-year-old student and model whose wellbeing and exercise blog is famous for its magnificent photos. Julia Toivola (Julia Toivola)A 26-year-old Helsinki-based lifestyle blogger, particularly famous for her travel posts and fun way of writing. Marika Valdez (L.A.Madde)The 29-year-old Madde resides with her husband in Los Angeles and covers her relaxed Californian life in her blog.  Additional information:Editor-in-ChiefMiina LangeCosmopolitante. + 358 40 524 4364 Sanoma Magazines is a robustly developing multi-channel media house. Our passion is the development of unique content, attractive brands and service-minded media solutions. Our product selection, composed of more than 40 brands, covers themes ranging from lifestyle to cutting-edge technology and offers experiences, knowledge and entertainment for millions. Sanoma Magazines is the largest magazine publisher in Finland and a leading producer of publications for children and youth.  Sanoma Magazines is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.