SanomaVentures is investing in the online fitness platform VirtuaGym. VirtuaGym offers extensive online training at home, also in combination with professional support from a fitness club or personal trainer. The website and apps for iOS and Android have over 2.5 million users worldwide.VirtuaGym supports fitness enthusiasts from all levels with their exercises at home. On the platform, users can choose from a wide range of exercises and activities and monitor their development in weight, bmi or heart rate, for example. VirtuaGym also offers a community with which to share experiences and play competitions. VirtuaGym is an open platform that links with mobile apps and hardware like scales and pedometers.With seed capital from the Dutch Creative Industry Fund, co-founded by Sanoma, and support from incubator MediaGilde, in the past four years VirtuaGym has become an international player on the growth market of online fitness.E-healthHerman Kienhuis: "The digital health domain is an important spearhead for Sanoma. Over the past few years, VirtuaGym has steadily built up an international position in the field of fitness and personal training. We feel that we can help VirtuaGym further develop the product and target a broad public."White label VirtuaGym’s basic offering is free and it has a paid version with extensive functionalities. The platform is also available as a white label solution for fitness clubs and personal trainers to provide an extra dimension to their services to clients. With that addition, VirtuaGym provides a unique total package.VirtuaGym founder Paul Braam: "With VirtuaGym, we have been offering a successful training solution for end users for some time. The new investment gives us the opportunity to more rapidly expand our position as a leading player in this field."About VirtuaGym VirtuaGym is the product and trade name of the company DigiFit B.V., founded in 2008 by brothers Paul and Hugo Braam. DigiFit develops applications relating to health, lifestyle and fitness and uses smart technologies to support users and motivate them to lead healthier, more active and happier lives. We build innovation for motivation | | About SanomaVentures SanomaVentures is the international venturing initiative of European media group Sanoma Corporation aimed at supporting innovative start-ups in the field of digital information, entertainment and education by offering capital, media exposure, expertise and access to its business network. SanomaVentures focuses on early-stage start-ups in online consumer services, e-commerce, mobile & tablet services, video & TV, online advertising or e-learning. SanomaVentures has offices in Amsterdam and Helsinki. The Dutch branch of SanomaVentures  launched in 2012 and has invested in, Scoupy, Peerby and Truly Yours |