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Sanoma Learning will be exhibiting its international offerings at the Sanoma Learning stand No 4220 and in the Finnish section at the International Exhibition and Forum for Education 2013 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Finland will be a guest of honour at this year’s exhibition and Sanoma Learning was asked to be part of it.

The show will be held from 18 till 22 February. The materials Sanoma Learning will be showcasing are mostly based on the Finnish National Curriculum, combining learning content with teaching tools in both printed and digital format.

Since 2003 Finland has been one of the most successful countries in the PISA ranking – a proof of the efficiency of the Finnish school system as well as of the high standards in teacher education and the top quality of the learning materials.

During the exhibition Sanoma Learning will be presenting a few of their educational products that in most cases make use of the Finnish approach in teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry and English as a foreign language:

  • Yippee! - a new primary school English series for grades 3-6 (children aged 9-12)
  • Spotlight - a brand-new lower secondary school English series for students in grades 7-9, aged 13-15
  • Kymppi - a comprehensive series for teaching mathematics in primary school (grades 1-2, pupils aged 7-8)
  • Matikka – a primary school series accounting for the various ways of learning (for pupils in grades 1-6, aged 7-12)
  • Pointti - a lower secondary mathematics series (pupils in grades 7-9, aged 13-15)
  • FyKe – a flexible way to teach and learn physics and chemistry in lower secondary school (pupils in grades 7-9, aged 13-15)
  • mobile Comprehensive Curriculum - an innovative course that incorporates mobile learning into mainstream education and training. The course covers art, biology, business studies, chemistry, geography, history, maths, music, physics and science of the Upper Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Curriculum levels
  • Kosmikus - eReview for Lower Primary Mathematics - an interactive, multimedia-rich mathematics review developed for children in the early years of their math education
  • Lower Primary Curriculum – an upcoming solution that will offer a highly child-oriented environment for pupils who are starting their educational adventure at school. The product will be designed for mobile devices and PCs so that the learning process can take place both in and outside of the classroom.

The Sanoma Learning team will also promote its innovative publishing tools such as Bookshelf  - Digital Book Solution designed for swift and easy creation, management and delivery of superior quality interactive content.

The International Exhibition and Forum for Education 2013 in Saudi Arabia is the official annual event of the Saudi Ministry of Education. It is the 3rd in the series of events focused on providing substantial opportunities for international businesses to create partnerships and connect with decision makers from Saudi Arabian and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) government bodies overseeing education development along with senior representatives from universities, colleges, training institutions, secondary education institutions and public and private schools in the region. The event is also the biggest and most attended educational exhibition and conference in the Gulf Region with over 40,000 visitors turning up at the 2012 event.

We’re looking forward to a productive and inspiring performance by the Sanoma Learning team at the exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

More information:
Jyri Ahti, Chief Strategy Officer, +358 400 793 977

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