Riitta Pollari, Publisher of Sanoma Magazines Finland, is leaving Sanoma to establish a new business.Riitta Pollari joined Sanoma Magazines ten years ago. She has worked as the publisher responsible for magazine operations since 2011. Her previous positions at Sanoma include Content Manager of Sanoma Magazines, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor of Me Naiset and Editor of Kodin Kuvalehti.“My diverse range of duties at Sanoma Magazines has offered me a unique perspective on the transforming media landscape as well as life in Finland. I’m proud of our excellent content and our long-term work to reform and adjust our operations in response to the changing needs of media consumption. Sanoma Magazines has offered me an opportunity to work with talented people and top brands. However, I feel that this is the time for me to explore new opportunities offered by the changing field of media. I will provide more information on my future plans later,” says Pollari.“The strategy for the magazine operations of Sanoma Magazines has been reformed boldly and thoroughly under the supervision of Riitta Pollari. This includes our content production processes, organisation, expertise and magazine portfolio. She has played a key role in creating entirely new types of content products as well as multichannel brands. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank Riitta for her visionary input into the development of our company,” says Anu Nissinen, acting CEO of Sanoma Media Finland.Riitta Pollari will work as a consultant on projects related to the development of Sanoma Magazines Finland’s content strategy until the end of March 2014. She will report to Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland.Taina Hynninen will become acting Publisher of Sanoma Magazines Finland on 26 November 2013. At the beginning of 2014, Sanoma Magazines Finland will merge with Sanoma News and Sanoma Entertainment Finland to create Sanoma Media Finland. The new Publisher of Sanoma Magazines Finland will be appointed by the end of 2013.More information:publisherRiitta PollariMagazine Media+358 40 725 2463acting CEOAnu NissinenSanoma Media Finland+358 500 874 487 Sanoma Magazines is a robustly developing multi-channel media house. Our passion is the development of unique content, attractive brands and service-minded media solutions. Our product selection, composed of more than 40 brands, covers themes ranging from lifestyle to cutting-edge technology and offers experiences, knowledge and entertainment for millions. We are the largest magazine publisher in Finland and a leading producer of publications for children and youth.Sanoma Magazines is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.