Nicole and Tommy, a course for children in 5 languages, is now available for mobile devices! Karolina Kononowicz, Product Manager at YDP, reveals some interesting facts about the application and talks about its advantages for the youngest students.

ON: Could you please introduce Nicole and Tommy?
Nicole and Tommy Mobile – Vocabulary for Children is a carefully designed program that teaches basic vocabulary to children aged 4 to 7. It includes 100 words with illustrations grouped into 10 thematic categories, activities, as well as extra learning tools.The two main characters, children named Nicole and Tommy, set out on a journey around the world and take pictures on their way. The words students are to learn are illustrated with pictures ‘taken’ by Nicole and Tommy. All this makes the program authentic for users and their work with it is great fun.

ON: In what languages is Nicole and Tommy now available?
The program is available in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

ON: What devices is the mobile application designed for?
At the moment it is available on the iPad. Currently we are also developing the Android version for tablets.

ON: What kind of skills can a child develop with Nicole and Tommy?
The program has been designed and developed on the basis of the second language acquisition theory, in which the subconscious acquisition of a second language has been contrasted with the conscious learning of it.

Each word is presented in a specific context (both sound and visual). Such a way of presenting vocabulary not only consolidates the knowledge of new words through the association with images and sounds but it also suggests ‘real’ conversation contexts in which a word can be used. Also, the program takes advantage of the natural perception abilities children of that age have. The selection of topics and their order on both discs have been prepared in accordance with the theory that vocabulary that is more basic and ‘relevant’ to children should be introduced first. Only then should they learn words that are more advanced and more ‘abstract’. The topics included in the course are toys, family, colours etc.

ON: How can the course be used for teaching a foreign language?
The program can be used individually and as an extra tool used while teaching a language at school or in the kindergarten.

ON: Who is the course available for at the moment?
Currently our product is available for publishers who are welcome to visit our stand at BETT to see the app. We are also considering launching the app in some countries via AppStore in the future.

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