The co-operation negotiations with personnel initiated by Sanoma Magazines Finland and Sanoma Tekniikkajulkaisut Oy on 4 September have been concluded. The two companies are reorganising their operations in response to on-going changes in media consumption and an increasingly digital marketplace, and as a result of the structural changes associated with this process a total of 69 jobs are to be eliminated.The goal of the reorganisation is to ensure Sanoma Magazines’ profitability, market-leading position, and competitiveness into the future. The new corporate structure will support the shift to a more target audience-focused operating model and help increase customer-specific revenue and the creation of new digital business.Structural reorganisation at Sanoma Magazines and Sanoma Tekniikkajulkaisut will lead to the loss of 69 jobs. Some of those to be made redundant will be offered other positions instead of redundancy. Various functions within the two companies will be merged into centrally managed activities as part of the changes, resources will be used more effectively, and processes will be streamlined. The companies’ product portfolios will remain unchanged.A total of 811 people were involved in the negotiations, which were originally envisaged as likely to result in a maximum of 95 people being made redundant.“This fundamental reorganisation of our operations is aimed at securing our future and is our response to the rapid changes affecting our operating environment, which have been further accelerated by the introduction of VAT on magazine subscriptions this year,” says Sanoma Magazines Finland’s Managing Director, Clarisse Berggårdh. “Unfortunately, the decisions that we have taken will also result in redundancies. We will do our best to support those personnel affected.”The reorganisation of operations at Sanoma Magazines is part of overall Sanoma Group transformation process. Sanoma News has in the context of its structural savings programme told about the concluded co-operation negotiations at Sanoma Lehtimedia and Sanoma Digital. The ongoing co-operation negotiations at Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet will be concluded within a week. Similar programmes are in progress in other Sanoma units and countries, too. Our target is to be in the forefront of the market development and secure our good performance and profitability in a changing and digitalising operating environment, said Harri-Pekka Kaukonen, President and CEO of Sanoma, in a release on 16 August 2012. Further information:Managing Director Clarisse Berggårdh, Sanoma Magazines Finland, tel. +358 9 120 5020  Sanoma Magazines is Finland’s leading magazine publisher, with a portfolio of more than 40 titles read by over 3 million Finns. We are the market leader also in children’s and juvenile publications. In addition to magazines and books, a growing amount of content and services is also available online today. Our Custom Publishing Unit produces multichannel communications services for many of Finland’s leading companies.  Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of Sanoma, a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of consumer media and learning in 20 countries.