Sanoma Corporation, Press Release, 23 November 2012 at 15:00 CET+1

Sanoma Corporation has received the BPF Hallitustimantti 2012 award. The objective of the recognition is to promote the implementation of diversity in company boardrooms. The recognition is awarded every year by Board Professionals BPF Finland ry.

“This is a valuable recognition for us as a company. For our Board of Directors, our management, as well as our entire personnel. It is great that Sanoma, a significant national player and an international media group, has been able to consistently utilise diversity. Because of that we have a board and personnel that possess excellent competences and represent several relevant perspectives,” says Jaakko Rauramo, Chairman of the Board of Sanoma.

According to Marita Salo, Chairman of the Board Professionals BPF Finland ry, Sanoma has been persistent and goal-directed in search for best competences in the appointments of its board and management group. The diversity of the board and unbiased use of resources have laid foundation for the success of a truly international media group and for competitive edge in the new market situation.

Additional information
Hanna Johde, Communications Director, Sanoma, tel. +358 40 673 8977
Marita Salo, Chairman, Board Professionals BPF Finland ry, tel. +358 50 434 7492

Sanoma inspires, informs and connects. Sanoma is a leading European group with a focus on consumer media and learning. We bring information, experiences, education and entertainment to millions of people every day. We employ nearly 11,000 professionals in some 20 countries. In 2011, the Group’s restated net sales totalled EUR 2.4 billion. Sanoma shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Board Professionals BPF Finland ry is a female leaders’ network aiming at promoting good, professional and ethically high-level work in boards of directors as well as the diversity of them. BPF Hallitustimantti is a recognition awarded every year by Board Professionals BPF Finland ry. It can be given to a company, association, person or other entity that has, through its operations, significantly promoted the diversity of boards of directors and that way created preconditions for better competitiveness.