Risto Kyhälä has been appointed Commercial Director of Sanoma News. He will be responsible for media sales and brand management for Sanoma News and he will be a member of the Sanoma News management team. His appointment takes effect from 1 January 2013. Kyhälä has had a long and successful career working with well-known brands in various service businesses. Most recently, Kyhälä has served as the CEO of Realia Group.

“Changes in media consumption and the current market situation call for a strong focus on a more customer-centric approach in our sales operations. I am truly pleased that we have Risto Kyhälä to strengthen our management and to develop our operations to better serve the multiple media needs of our customers. Risto brings solid management and brand expertise and he has a strong vision about media sales from the customer perspective,” says Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma News.

“It is a privilege to work with the most extensive media portfolio in Finland. With its high-quality multichannel product range, Sanoma News can provide our customers clear advantage over competitors,” Risto Kyhälä says.

The joint matrix functions of Sanoma News and Sanoma Media Finland (Sanoma’s Finnish media operations) will also be strengthened. Vice President Jarkko Kyttänen in charge of Sanoma News corporate customers has been appointed the chairman of the media sales steering group and Vice President of Business Development of Sanoma´s Finnish media operations. Sanoma´s Finnish media operations´ Director, Strategy Masa Peura will take responsibility for the digital development steering group.

Petteri Putkiranta becomes HS Business Director

Petteri Putkiranta, currently Vice President in charge of b-to-c business and digital services at Helsingin Sanomat, has been appointed Business Director of Helsingin Sanomat and a member of the Sanoma News management group, effective from 1 January 2013. As Business Director he will be steering performance management and the commercial organisation of Helsingin Sanomat. The position has been held since June by Sanoma News’ CEO Pekka Soini, in addition to his other duties.

“Petteri has a strong track record in leading digital development projects that have been critical for Helsingin Sanomat as well as developing our b-to-c business. I have no doubt that with Petteri at the helm of business operations, Helsingin Sanomat will continue to strengthen its position as a leading media operator,” says Pekka Soini.

“Helsingin Sanomat is in the midst of a historical change process. HS.fi launched its open paywall with great success, Helsingin Sanomat and Channel Four Finland news desk have joined forces, and January will see the format change for the paper. It is really exciting to be able to play a part in developing Helsingin Sanomat's business operations from a slightly new perspective, together with our highly professional and experienced team,” says Petteri Putkiranta.

Mikael Pentikäinen will continue to head the editorial organisation of Helsingin Sanomat as Senior Editor-in-Chief.

Additional information:

Pekka Soini, tel. +358 400 427 835
Risto Kyhälä, tel. +358 400 998800
Petteri Putkiranta, tel. +358 40 550 1551
Jarkko Kyttänen, tel. +358 40 703 5190
Masa Peura, tel. +358 40 528 2182