Press release 11 October 2012Finskidka, a completely new Russian language online trading place for Russian tourists and companies from South-East Finland will open next Monday. The advertising of the service in the Internet and newspapers in Finland and Russia will start on Saturday.Finskidka is targeted for, for example, companies from trade, service and tourism sectors. The service is free for users and is paid by advertising companies. There are no quite similar products available in Finland."Finskidka is a good addition to the product family of Sanoma Lehtimedia. In Finskidka we can utilise both our unique location close to the border and the marketing power of Sanoma’s products in Finland and Russia", says Jarmo Koskinen, President of Sanoma Lehtimedia.Marketing focuses on Russia, where magazines published by Sanoma, such as Cosmopolitan, reach millions of readers. At first Finskidka mainly concentrates on enticing companies from South-East Finland to market their products.Finskidka operates as an online voucher service based on a principle where companies placing advertisements agree to offer certain products or services on Finskidka’s site. Russian customers pay their purchases through Finskidka and receive purchase codes for the paid products. When the customers arrive in Finland, they can redeem their purchases in the outlets of the companies.Find out more about the service at www.finskidka.fiAdditional information:President Jarmo Koskinen, tel. +358 40 075 5545Development Director Lasse Palminen, tel. +358 40 058 8324Sanoma Lehtimedia publishes newspapers at Southeast Finland region. Sanoma Lehtimedia´s newspapers are  Etelä-Saimaa in Lappeenranta, Kouvolan Sanomat in Kouvola and Kymen Sanomat in Kotka as well as the local paper Uutisvuoksi in Imatra. Sanoma Lehtimedia also publishes the free sheet Vartti at Southeast Finland region. Sanoma Lehtimedia is a part of Sanoma News, the leading newspaper publisher in Finland. Sanoma Group is a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of consumer media and learning in 20 countries.