A new school year has just begun in Finland. In the Finnish school system, foreign languages are taught from grade 3 onwards in basic education. The Yippee! series covers grades 3 to 6 in the Finnish comprehensive school for English as a first foreign language.

The Yippee! series is onto its second year in use, which means that the books and material for grades 3 and 4 are already in use. The series has been a real success and the number of users has doubled in the second year. The sales of the electronic teaching material has also been very good, considering the product is such a novelty.

What makes Yippee! so special as a product?

The Yippee! series is inspiring with dynamic illustrations, fun games, songs and chants, as well as a storyline that engages pupils' imagination.

The structure and layout are clear, designed to support the learning process. The content and exercises move from taking in core vocabulary and phrases to actively reproducing them both orally and in writing. Each chapter is made up of graded tasks so that both advanced pupils and those in need of extra support get the right amount of exercises and information. A Start page provides the basic amount of things to learn, the text and exercises elaborate and Extra pages provide more activities and extra vocabulary. 

“The Yippee! series is the first English series to include varied electronic material. For example, the interactive electronic teaching material, intended for use in class, includes illustrations, teaching aids and tools, all audio material and even animation. There are also electronic exercises and learning games, enabling pupils to study and revise in a fun way on their own, online”, explains Stina Halmetoja, editor from WSOYpro.

“The Yippee! series has received a warm welcome in schools. Especially the electronic material has impressed teachers. If a teacher is interested in new methods, they are more likely to be interested in Yippee! However, unfortunately, the poor economic situation in some schools and municipalities means that equipment to use electronic material just isn’t always available to teachers”, Stina Halmetoja continues. 

For more information, please contact Stina Halmetoja (editor) at WSOYpro.

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