31st October-2nd November, Sweden’s two biggest fairs for teachers took place in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 18,000 professionals visited the events to attend seminars and to see the exhibitions.

Having new owners and a new name, a part of the launching strategy was to be the largest exhibitor at both fairs. It was hard for the visitors to miss the biggest news in the learning industry. The new graphic layout was in place and the message was clear: Bonnier Utbildning has changed its name to Sanoma Utbildning. 

About Sanoma Utbildning
Sanoma Utbildning is one of Sweden’s leading educational publishers. Sanoma Utbildning develops and sells educational materials based on the national curricula for learners of all levels. The company also produces educational materials for students at college and university and for people working within trade and industry. Since the start in 1993, the company has constantly increased sales and gained market shares and is today the second largest publisher for primary and secondary education. Sanoma Utbildning provides learning materials in print and digital format and thus facilitates everyday school life and work life for teachers, students and professionals alike.