Sanoma’s Finnish learning business operations will adopt the name Sanoma Pro.  Learning solutions are one of Sanoma’s key focus areas.

Previously known as WSOYpro Oy, Sanoma Pro Oy will use its resources, expanded by an acquisition, to produce an even greater variety of solutions for competence development. The operations of Sanoma Pro will still firmly rest on its traditional areas of focus: learning materials, business books, the related electronic materials and training, and the Oppi&Ilo edutainment product family, which develop the knowledge and skills of children.

The increased business and the new name are a result of the transaction finalised in August 2011, in which Sanoma Group acquired the educational publisher Bonnier Utbildning in Sweden, now known as Sanoma Utbildning, as well as the assets of the educational publisher Tammi Learning in Finland. Sanoma also sold its general literature publishing company WSOY and its brand to Bonnier. 

"We produce high-quality, holistic competence development solutions for all ages and phases of life. We continue to build our operations on a network of best experts and writers, as well as on the solid professional competence of our staff. We develop content and service packages which support the skills development of pupils, vocational students, professionals and companies and promote both the work of individuals and the operations of organisations, often through the use of digital learning environments," says Managing Director Salla Vainio from Sanoma Pro.

Sanoma Pro helps teachers to bring new effectiveness and variety to teaching and learning, offers tools and information sources for professionals of many fields to enable competence development, and also encourages lifelong learning in the free time.

"We have the support of the international learning business network of the Sanoma Group, including seven companies in six countries. We are the pioneers of digital learning solutions in Finland," Salla Vainio says.

Additional information:
Salla Vainio, Managing Director, tel. +358 40 502 6323
Kirsi Valta-Makkonen, Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 589 7381

About Sanoma Pro
Sanoma Pro is the leading provider of learning and competence development solutions in Finland. We provide solutions, content and tools for lifelong competence development; from preliminary education to business life, from pre-schooler to managing director. Sanoma Pro employs 200 dedicated professionals. Sanoma Pro is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.