Mid November set the scene for two magazine launches for Sanoma Media Netherlands. Firstly Twiet Magazine was launched. A Twitter magazine for fans and dummies. With almost 200 interviews with the most influential tweeters in the Netherlands. The 152 paged one-time magazine also tells about the do’s and don’ts with twitter and showed in a research that over 80% has a smart phone in Holland. And 78% of the participants of the research said to be several times a day online is for a Twitter and/or Facebook check. Sanoma Media Netherlands COO Digital, Michiel Buitelaar, had the honors to hand the first copy to Ms Kim Kotter, a Dutch model.
The second launch was Fashionista, a new monthly magazine for high school students, aimed at girls. Fashionista includes 90 pages of fashion, real life stories, beauty, celebrity news and shopping tips budget. Fashionista is created in cooperation with the Glossy magazines. The first edition was presented to some selected teenagers by Dutch actress Sips in Amsterdam. Fashionista combines online media with the magazine. So does make-up artist Nikki Hunter, known for her YouTube channel "Nikki tutorials”. Especially for Fashionista she makes Nikki’s Tutorials for its readers.