Press Release, 9 November 2011Sähkö allows making electricity agreements conveniently onlineIn early December, Sanoma Digital Finland will launch a new service, Sähkö It allows the consumer to compare the prices of all suppliers of electricity in Finland."Online trading is constantly growing. A quarter of a million new electricity agreements are concluded in Finland every year. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for consumers to compare electricity prices and conclude an electricity agreement. This comprehensive, independent and easy-to-use service was implemented in line with the consumers' wishes," says Janne Leino, Business Development Manager.The ease of use is ensured by the fact that the consumer does not have to enter fuse capacities or kilowatt-hours in the service. Just the address is sufficient. "We utilise the housing database of for the service. It allows producing a consumption estimate on the basis of address details. You can also enter the details of your current electricity bill in the service and compare it with the special offers in the service," Janne Leino explains. The consumer may compare the effects of different types of products and energy sources on the price of electricity and then move straight on to conclude an electricity agreement.The service is already in pilot use by the electricity companies. "Electricity companies have been very interested in this new service. The suppliers of electricity want to have an independent service that readily reaches the consumers and facilitates genuine price comparisons. Sähkö is the answer to these needs," Leino says.Additional information:Janne Leino, Business Development Manager, Sanoma Digital Finland, tel. +358 40 516 2006Sanoma Digital Finland incorporates many of Finland's most popular online services and over 200 e-commerce professionals. Sanoma Digital belongs to Sanoma Group's Sanoma News business unit.Sanoma News is the leading newspaper publisher in Finland, and its products in both print and digital format have a strong presence in the lives of their readers.