World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and Sanoma Custom Publishing have signed an agreement to produce an international magazine profiling WDC Helsinki 2012. The magazine, which will cover a wide range of design-related topics, will have a print run of at least 200,000 copies.The 84-page design magazine to be produced by Sanoma Custom Publishing will appear at the end of January 2012 and will focus, in line with WDC Helsinki 2012 goals, on how design can help make cities better. The magazine will aim to offer readers new ways of making a difference, awaken interest in new ideas, and increase dialogue in the field of design. The magazine will promote a broad understanding of what design means, and highlight its potential to act as a force for change, in areas such as services.“Design today is very much a people-driven creative activity, focused on the physical environment, services, and processes,” says Pekka Timonen, Executive Director of WDC Helsinki 2012. “It is about creating solutions to everyday problems. The role of our programme and the magazine as well, is to offer opportunities to learn more about the multifaceted world of modern design. Our goal is to strengthen the role design plays in our lives and generate greater long-term demand for it.”The magazine’s target audience will be the general public, decision-makers, and Finnish and international business leaders. It will have a print run of at least 200,000 and will be distributed free of charge at WDC Helsinki 2012 events and via WDC Helsinki 2012’s corporate partners.Finland’s leading magazine publisher, Sanoma Magazines Finland, is one of the main partners of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.“Magazines are great examples of user-driven design from start to finish,” says Matti Lintulahti, Acting Director of Sanoma Custom Publishing. “So it is particularly appropriate that a magazine will play a major role in WDC Helsinki 2012 communications. It is inspiring to produce a magazine that will remain topical and relevant throughout the year, as well as engage a wide readership in Finnish, Swedish and English.”Further information:Matti Lintulahti, Acting Director, Sanoma Custom Publishing, tel. +358 9 120 5612Laura Aalto, Marketing and Communications Director, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, tel. +358 40 507 9660Sanoma Magazines Finland is Finland’s leading magazine publisher and the market leader in women’s and family magazines, children’s and juvenile publications, and consumer IT titles. Over 3 million Finns read the company’s more than 40 magazines. In addition to print publications, Sanoma Magazines Finland also has a growing online presence. Custom Publishing provides multichannel communications services for many of Finland’s leading companies.We are part of the Sanoma Group, a strong European media group operating across a wide range of fields in more than 20 European countries.