Personalised learning is an important development in education. Instead of dealing with the lesson material at class level, it is tailored to the specific learning needs of the individual. This form of education ensures a greater learning efficiency and better results.Malmberg’s latest generation teaching methods support the teacher and the student with the implementation of personalised learning. The teacher has tools to plot learning routes and to follow the learning process. Being able to compose individual learning routes for the students is a major step forward. This way, as a teacher, you can optimally anticipate the differences in learning pace and learning styles.In a short Dutch spoken documentary (11 min.), teachers Noor Visschers, Hans op hetRoodt and Richard Pols and Prof. Dr. P. Robert-Jan Simons talk about their experiences with personalised learning and share with you their vision on anticipating differences between students.Watch the documentary about personalised learning (Dutch spoken with English subtitles)More about personalised learning.About MalmbergMalmberg is a well-known and leading educational publisher in the Netherlands. Malmberg publishes mixed media learning systems, educational tools and services for teachers for the Dutch market on primary, secondary and vocational schools. Malmberg is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma