The winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011, the prestigious Europe-wide Award honouring ICT and digital media companies with an excellent track record in innovative marketing, were announced at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany on March 1.

Awarded annually by EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence and its Partner Associations, the European Seal of e-Excellence is widely known for promoting companies in the digital field with innovative products and services, and excellent marketing practices to promote them.

Silver for Cheat Sheet and Platinum for Oceans of Adventures
NTK was awarded with the Silver Seal of e-Excellence for its Cheat Sheet software. Cheat Sheet is a mobile phone application helping students prepare for tests and exams and initiating self-studying. It’s the first piece of NTK’s new mobile phone software family, which focuses on tests and exams mainly in K9-K12.

NTK was awarded with the highest Award, the Platinum Award, for Oceans of Adventures (Tengernyi Kaland). Oceans of Adventures is an alternative reality game (ARG). It is a series of online activities in the framework of an exciting and entertaining story, during which children acquire knowledge following their own curiosity. NTK has teamed up with Microsoft Hungary, (Hungary’s leading child content provider) and the Octopus Marine Archaeological Research Group to develop this extraordinary educational and entertaining program.

Leading award for innovative and successful ICT companies
Margaretha Mazura, EMF Secretary-General, declared: “For the 9th version of the European Seal of e-Excellence, we have 36 winners from 18 countries. This confirms the Seal’s worldwide reach and recognition as a leading award for innovative and successful ICT companies. We are also proud to announce the launch of the “Club of e-Excellence”, the virtual community of Seal winners based on collaboration, cross-fertilisation and solidarity following the motto One Winner Adopts Another.

For more information on Cheat Sheet or Oceans of Adventure, please contact Péter Racskó, Manager ICT. 

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