One-on-one education is a project of Van Dijk ICT, the Erasmiaanse Gymnasium and Malmberg. In this new project in secondary education, iPads are used in the classroom! These iPads replace the traditional books. No more heavy bags, always all books at hand and fun to work with! But what are the educational consequences?

The entire bookcase in an App
With one-on-one education, the computerization of society is also introduced in secondary education. In a time where working with computers and tablets is evident, project one-on-one education examines how the current way of teaching can be automated.

Ultimately this project will lead to the disappearance of the backpack as we know it. No more heavy bags, only 1 iPad with Tablisto, the App containing the entire bookcase! Always and everywhere the right books at hand!

In 2.5 years’ time, a class in secondary education will only work with the iPad and the App Tablisto. We will find out in the end to what extent this will affect students performances. Expectations are high, both by the publishers and wholesalers, as well as by the teachers and students.

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About Malmberg
Malmberg is a well-known and leading educational publisher in the Netherlands. Malmberg publishes mixed media learning systems, educational tools and services for teachers for the Dutch market on primary, secondary and vocational schools. Malmberg is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.