Are you a thirty-something, middle-income woman gripped by car fever?When you visit Sanoma’s Web pages, you have the possibility to view advertising intended specifically for you.“Web analytics allows us to discover which of Sanoma’s pages different browsers are frequenting, which search words lead browsers to the service and which queries are used within the service. When this information is cross-referenced with an analysis of any particular article’s content, we are furnished with a very efficient targeting tool,” says Anders Stenbäck, Development Manager of Sanoma Online Ad Sales.The contents of Sanoma’s Web pages have been divided into 25 groups according to interests ranging from fashion to travel and from spectator sports to nightlife. Advertisers can target their message at people with families and active outdoor lives, or people who are interested in environmental matters and ecology, for instance.Data on visitors’ age, gender, education and income level has been sought and gathered by way of various campaigns. This background data has enabled the development of a statistically reliable model for user profiles.Targeted advertisements are run through the entire Sanoma network. If a user prefers not to view advertising intended for him or her, the ads can also be denied.“The objective of targeting is to display advertising that interests a specific visitor and to provide advertisers with the opportunity to get their message across to the intended target group.  With regard to long-terms campaigns, advertisers also have the opportunity to pinpoint their message as the campaign progresses,” says Stenbäck.Ads can also be targeted on the basis of geography or, with the help of IP addresses, at particular industries or companies of a particular size.“The more precisely targeted the advertisement, the better its effect in terms of all of the parties involved,” says Stenbäck.Advertising aside, targeting also serves content in the form of, for example, personalised news placements.“Content targeting is also being tested right now on In practice, this means that if you move from entertainment news to sports, for example, you will see entertainment placements displayed when you are on the sports pages,” explains Stenbäck.Exploiting interest profiles opens up endless amounts of new possibilities for the future.In case consumers do not wish to see targeted advertising or editorial placements, they can deny such displays through a link found in the website’s terms and conditions.