NTK’s newest developments have won five awards on eFestival, on the Competition of Excellent Hungarian Contents.

Both the public and the jury awarded NTK’s own developed, virtual reality based educational software, TeachAR–3D World and „Járd újra, Samu!”, an educational Facebook game.

In the Learning/Education category, TeachAR – 3D World won three awards. It received third place, the audience prize and the Innovation Award.
Please watch the video about the TeachAR–3D World software here.

In the Entertainment/Game category, the „Járd újra, Samu! Facebook application received third place and also the audience prize. „Járd újra, Samu!” is a quiz game where you can test your knowledge on different subjects in primary education. At the end you will find out if you are smarter than a primary school student!

This game can be found here (after clicking “Like” the NTK Facebook site). 

For more information please contact Szilvia Burka, Marketing Manager at NTK.

About Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt. (NTK)
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