The Clean Baltic Sea projects of the John Nurminen Foundation aim at visible improvements in the condition of the Baltic Sea with two focus areas: prevention of the eutrophication through reduction of phosphorus emissions, and a significant reduction of the risk of a large-scale oil tanker disaster in the Gulf of Finland.Sanoma has been one of the three main partners in a project which aims at reducing the phosphorus emissions of the water utilities in St. Petersburg in Russia. Phosphorus causes eutrophication which is the most serious environmental problem of the Baltic Sea.The project in St. Petersburg was finished in June 2011. Thanks to it, the annual phosphorus load was reduced by 1,000 tons. The amount equals to nearly one third of all phosphorus ending up in the Gulf of Finland. The Clean Baltic Sea project in St. Petersburg is the most significant water protection project carried out ever, measured by its environmental impact.Phosphorus, tankers and blue-green algae were discussed in the 2011 Clean Baltic Sea Club event in Helsinki in August. The event gathered supporters and partners of John Nurminen Foundation. Phosphorus removal now continues in 17 wastewater treatment plants in the Baltic Rim. Additionally, the John Nurminen Foundation is working on a Tanker Safety project which aims at developing a navigation application to ease the traffic of oil vessels in the Gulf of Finland and thus preventing accidents.By April 2011 the John Nurminen Foundation had raised EUR 7.1 million for the Clean Baltic Sea. Especially the amount of donated services and work has exceeded the amount of financial support during recent years. In addition to financial support Sanoma also has aided the Foundation by donating media space for the Clean Baltic Sea projects in the various media of the Group. The ability to appeal to a larger public audience by means of strong media presence has been vital for projects mainly financed through donations.Sanoma has supported the Clean Baltic Sea projects since the beginning in 2006. The latest three-year agreement on co-operation with the John Nurminen Foundation was concluded in spring 2010.Clean Baltic Sea