Naut, Meander and Brandaan are Malmberg’s three newest social science methods. Even though they are separate methods, they are very much related. The methods have been named after the book’s leading characters. The leading character for science is called Naut. Meander is the leading character for geography and Brandaan for history.

Pupils and teachers are extremely enthusiastic about these methods. A special promotional package has been developed to promote the three methods in schools. This so-called Adventure package is a great introduction to these three methods for pupils and teachers. It also guarantees three fun and educational lessons.

Story line
In the Adventure package, the book’s three leading characters play the leading role. Their navigational system NEON has broken down and they are stuck at an unknown place in an unknown time. Three envelops with very mysterious content, provide clues that help the pupils to find out where the three characters are located. By finding the right answers to these clues, the pupils can discover their whereabouts. When the pupils enter the answers into the main computer, they can bring Naut, Meander and Brandaan back home! 

Searching through the teaching materials, in the search program Slimmelingen and by exploring the Internet, pupils and teachers find out more about (a subject of) these methods. It is a very nice way to get to know these three successful methods!

For more information you can contact Darja vanSchagen, Marketeer for Primary Education at Malmberg.

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