In Budapest the new school year has started with nearly 800 teachers visiting the opening conference of the National Textbook Publishing House (NTK).

After the official welcome of NTK’s CEO István Jókai, the state secretary responsible for education, Rózsa Hoffmann, held a speech about the expected changes in the regulation of the public educational system, as well as about future public education in Hungary.

After the plenary lectures, teachers who arrived from all over Hungary could take part in quality thematic lectures according to their interests and professional fields. The topics among others included the education of the underprivileged and the usefulness of digital material. Those interested in science were informed about the effects of the Fukusima power plant accident.

At the conference the award of the Central-European Teacher Academy Association was presented. The aim of the award, whose premium supporter is NTK, is to attract attention to the educational role models and to give the teacher careers the acknowledgement it deserves.

For more information about NTK's opening conference, please contact Szilvia Burka, Marketing Manager NTK/Perfekt.

About Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt. (NTK)
NTK is the market leader on the local textbook publishing market in Hungary. NTK is the only publisher that provides learning systems for all ages in all types of schools, in all parts of the country. NTK produces textbooks as well as teacher handouts, workbooks, e-products and various other learning tools and services. NTK is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.