Commercial messages easily get lost in the overflowing stream of e-mails. For an advertiser, direct e-marketing service Sanoma Uniikki is just what the doctor ordered: a possibility to send e-mail and mobile messages to those, who are eager to receive them. On top of that, the sender being a familiar and trusted internet brand, the receiver is sure to notice the message.

"Sanoma Uniikki is by far the largest direct e-marketing database in Finland with over 660,000 marketing permissions. Over half of the contacts include also profile information which means that these persons can be targeted by their interests, and the message personalised accordingly," explains Tarja Soininen who is responsible for Uniikki at Sanoma Digital Finland.

In addition to the large amount of contacts, the service is unique because of the well-known internet brands and extensive targeting potential. Advertising can be targeted for example by age, gender, location and interests, and further targeted with other information obtained from third party databases. Direct e-marketing reaches consumer, professional as well as decision-maker target groups.

Sanoma Uniikki enables Sanoma's different internet brands to monetize their customer databases without large investments. Also the receiver is delighted to have well-targeted, significant and timely messages.

"Really relevant marketing messages feel like service, not spam," Soininen stresses.

Soininen mentions a recent American Express campaign that was especially appreciated by the receivers because of its well-known brand and relevant content. The advertiser was pleased by the effectiveness of the campaign and the high number and quality of responses.

"In tough times advertisers value speed and measurable results so we've been busy in managing all the campaigns waiting," Soininen says.

When Sanoma Uniikki was launched about two years ago, direct e-marketing was still new to customers. After a somewhat sticky start, the service has now proved its commercial potential. With a strong experience and know-how about the direct digital marketing, Sanoma Uniikki is now ready to expand to and be of use to customer databases in other parts of the Sanoma Group.

Sanoma Digital Finland offers popular web services such as,,,,,, in Finland as well as and Auto24.e in Estonia. Recruitment systems producer Skillnet and Netwheels that makes internet tools and services for car dealers are also parts of Sanoma Digital Finland. Sanoma Uniikki is Finland's largest permission marketing database for digital direct marketing purposes. Sanoma Digital Finland is part of Sanoma News division in Sanoma Group.