At midnight ten years ago, Maria Veitola put Pekka Streng's Puutarhassa ("In the Garden") in the player and made it the first song to be aired on Radio Helsinki. The subsequent ten years have seen quite a lot: hundreds of presenters, music, talk, news, mishaps, campaigns and gallons of let's-just-do-it.Since those first hours on the air to today, Radio Helsinki's programmes have been made according to the same concept. Starting with the playlists, they are made by the best music journalists in the country. Among the thirty programme makers are, among others, Njassa, Maria Veitola, Anna Laine, Aleksi Pahkala, Norppa, Ari Peltonen, Little Steven, Timo Kaukolampi, Vilunki 3000, Lasse Kurki, Paleface, Markus Nordenstreng, Tuomas Nevanlinna and Jukka Relander.About 35,000 different pieces of music are played on Radio Helsinki every year. The station has received the Radio of the Year award in 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2009.In addition to its broad music offering, Radio Helsinki focuses on ambitious journalism, meticulously produced talk shows, and local issues. Its strong cooperation with guarantees that the listeners stay in tune with what's going on both in the Helsinki metropolitan area and worldwide.Holding a temporary seventeen-day broadcast licence, Radio Helsinki went on air in the Helsinki area. It then continued as a web radio station for five months, and received its permanent licence on 1 March 2001. Sanoma News took over Radio Helsinki from the company owned by Paula Salovaara on 1 June 2005. Since then, the station has been part of Helsingin Sanomat's organisation, cooperating closely with the newspaper and the news desk."The listeners' fears of the eclectic selection music growing thinner as a result of the change of ownership have been proven unfounded. True to its original concept, Radio Helsinki has continued to stand out from the crowd," says Paula Salovaara.On the station's tenth anniversary, 1 September 2010, Radio Helsinki joins forces with Helsingin Sanomat's Nyt supplement to form an ensemble focusing on music, film, popular culture, events and activities. Radio Helsinki and the Nyt supplement will continue as independent products. The head of the editorial staff is Ville Blåfield and Anna Laine will continue as programme manager of Radio Helsinki."The Nyt supplement and Radio Helsinki are both valuable to Helsingin Sanomat in their separate roles, although there are similarities regarding the spirit and contents. There's certainly room for more cooperation in the day-to-day editorial work," says Ville Blåfield.Radio Helsinki airs on 88.6 MHz and 89.4 MHz; in the cable network on 100.4 MHz, and on the web at additional information, please contact:Paula SalovaaraPaula.salovaara@hs.fiTel. 040 533 5081Ville Blåfieldville.blafield@hs.fiTel. 050 310 3017Radio Helsinki and Helsingin Sanomat belong to Sanoma Group's Sanoma News division.