R-kiosk, the market leader of kiosk operations, reforms all its stores and their visual identity to better meet the customer demands. In the future every R-kiosk store will specialise in offering products and services according to the needs of the clientele in the area.

The reform is based on consumer trends, customer surveys and panels as well as customer feedback from those kiosks that participated in the testing phase in early 2010. So far 18 kiosks in Finland, one in Estonia and one in Lithuania have been reformed and more will follow. Development work is an ongoing process and a significant long-term investment.

"We want to meet with the customer in the best possible terms. Even though last year was the best ever in the history of the R-kiosk chain, we constantly develop our services and product selections. R-kiosks sell not only different products but offer entertainment, good feelings, events, information and experiences. Our customer promise remains the same: quick and convenient shopping," says Jari Heino, Director of Kiosk Operations.

R-kiosk is a part of the Sanoma Group's Sanoma Trade division